From a people perspective, our corporate culture is very important to us. We are builders, but we are also people delivering a service to – and through – other people.

We look for people who are driven, solve problems, and take pride in their work. If you want to be part of a company with both a rich history and a bright future, let’s talk.


Builders, Craftsmen, Coaches, Lion-tamers, Cat-herders
Fogel-Anderson Superintendents are in the Get-It-Done business. They drive the project schedule, coordinate the subcontractors, and ensure safe jobsites.

Project Management:

Conductors, Number Crunchers, Jugglers, Conduits
Fogel-Anderson PM’s are the key point of contact with our clients on every project. They deliver all of the resources to the field to get the project done, solving (and preventing) problems along the way.


Risk Managers, Event Planners, Fortune Tellers, Historians
The Pre-Construction team puts the pieces in place before the project starts, breaking the job down into individual scopes of work, building schedules, and putting dollars into buckets. They work with subs and suppliers to solicit competitive bids and identify cost savings.

Administrative Support:

Multi-taskers, I-dotters / T-crossers, Facilitators, Task-masters
It takes a whole team behind the scenes to support the work in the field. From counting beans to waiving liens, we keep the project moving forward.