Fogel-Anderson is led by four partners who took over ownership of the firm in 2015. Each partner has deep roots in the Kansas City construction community and performs a unique, complimentary role in the business.

Greg Harrelson – President
Greg Harrelson – President / Pre-Construction Leader / Ballroom Dancer

Greg has more than 30 years of construction experience, including 10 as a Field Superintendent. As an Estimator, there is no one better at preparing complex conceptual budgets, anticipating potholes in the road, and predicting the future.

Brad Kaestner – Vice President
Brad Kaestner – Vice President / Operations Director

Brad has more than 25 years of project management experience, having built all types of structures throughout the country. Brad and his team get it, and get it done.

Roger Summers – Vice President
Roger Summers – Vice President / Marketing & Business Development / Youth sports coach

Having worked for owner/developers, as well as architects, Roger brings a broad perspective to the role of the contractor on every project. Roger keeps our focus on our clients’ time & money, not just their sticks & bricks.

JoLynne Bartolotta – Vice President
JoLynne Bartolotta – Vice President / HR, AP, IT, Payroll, Bonds, Contracts, Insurance, and a bunch of other stuff

JoLynne maintains all of the business functions internal to our organization. As the fourth generation of her family to own the family business, she takes special pride in everything we do.